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Welcome to TalkOnTopics. I started talking on topics to share my journey of self-healing and love.  suffered a few major life altering experiences that set my life on pause for about five years.. I bounced back stronger than ever!
I'm using my bachelors degree in psychology, my education in emotional intelligence, along with, my spiritual guides, discernment, clairvoyance and intuitive ability to lead other to their self healing journey.

As I share may journey through my podcast, social platforms and other outlets, I want to spread the gift of vulnerability and freedom that come with getting real, and honest with yourself, breaking through the blocks and stories and living a truly authentic life.

I provide therapeutic spiritual and emotional tools as well as support that will inspire, provoke, and lead you to self-healing, growth, love, wealth, abundance and the authentic life you are yearning for and so much more.

Here through my website, you can find healing tools, meditation, emotional and spiritual coaching. If you are inquiring about our services or a service you do not see, contact us via email. 

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